There are various forms of door entry system - wired/wireless, audio only or video and audio, standard or vandal resistant and these can be installed either flush with the external wall or surface mounted. The system can also be fitted with a proximity reader to allow entry or a keypad.

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Access control systems are predominantly used to restrict access into specific areas of a building. We can provide any size of access control system, from a small stand alone system to multiple door PC based systems.

The PC based systems can be used to log employee's start/finish times as well as log their journey around the building.

Certain doors can be programmed for restricted access at certain times of the day as well. To gain access to an area you would use either a proximity swipe card/fob, enter a code on a keypad or the system could read your fingerprint (biometrics).


We can supply, install and maintain a variety of electric gates and barriers both with numerous options for access - key fobs, swipe cards, photocells (motion detectors) or codes.

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