Glendale Alarms and Security Systems Ltd are S.S.A.I.B approved and all installations are installed and maintained in line with current European regulations and standards and meet the standards set by the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (A.C.P.O.S)

We provide free no obligations quotations carried out by experienced security advisers and engineers. And we don’t only install and maintain our own systems but we can look after and upgrade systems installed by other providers too, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime for all your security needs.

We can provide you with various levels of security for your business premises depending on your individual intruder protection requirements:

Bells-only intruder systems are purely audible so when your intruder system is activated, both the internal sounder unit and external siren strobe will sound, hopefully scaring off an intruder and alerting people in your area that something has caused your intruder system to activate but unfortunately too often ignored.

Vo-comm is available for our intruder systems. This function uses your landline to contact pre-programmed telephone numbers for both land lines and mobiles phones with a pre-recorded message alerting the person who, if answered, that your intruder system has activated. Both the internal sounder unit and external siren strobe will still sound, alerting people in your area that something has caused your intruder system to activate however, there is no guarantee that anything will be done.

Monitoring connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre (A.R.C) gives you ultimate peace of mind. In the event of an activation, our ARC will alert the appropriate emergency services i.e. Police and Fire Brigade, providing the equipment pertaining to these emergency services have been installed. Glendale offer various levels of monitoring; landline, GSM and BT Redcare.

Video Verification combined with a Smartphone app allows you to view what is happening in the areas of your premises protected by a Camera PIR from anywhere in the world! This is only available with our Agility 3 intruder system. Together with connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre (A.R.C) this gives you complete peace of mind as it enables you too to monitor your own security.

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