Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a clear image. In contrast with other technologies, such as light amplification, thermal imaging needs no light whatsoever to produce an image on which the smallest of details can be seen. Thermal imaging provides full visibility irrespective of the prevailing light level and weather conditions.

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Thermal imaging cameras use infrared technology to see the surface heat of objects in their line of sight. As different types of objects display their energy at different rates depending on the level at which they have absorbed it, a thermal imaging camera requires less light to see than we do in the dark.

Clear video in daylight, darkness, and bad weather. Video that isn’t affected by shadows and back light; they can even look directly at the sun

The Cameras also have the power to tell the difference between objects like humans, animals, cars, and bicycles

They can even be used to see through smoke so are used by the fire brigade, the police use them to track and apprehend criminals. Mountain rescue use them to locate trapped climbers, vet’s use them to monitor animals temperatures and they are even used for air tightness testing to determine the areas of a building losing the most heat. The images can be displayed in monochrome, iron or rainbow dependant on the intended use of the system and the level of recognition required.

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