We have several options to make the operation of your intruder system easier to manage and we can cater to your individual requirements, including;

 Wireless Panic/Worry Wristband

The Wireless Panic/Worry Wristband Transmitter is designed to be worn like a wristwatch or as a pendant. The transmitter can be used for personal emergency situations to signal a panic alarm in the event of distress when the victim is unable to reach another communication device. When pressed, in conjunction with a monitored system, an ambulance can be requested by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If the wearer has been immobile over a defined period, this can also cause an alert.

 Internal Sounders

Additional Internal Sounders can be fitted in various rooms throughout your home for thos hard of hearing

 Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights can be connected to your intruder system which will flash throughout your home to alert you of your intruder system activating.

 Vibrating Pads

Vibrating Pads can be connected to the system to place underneath your pillows while you are sleeping to alert you of your intruder system activating

 Remote Key Fob.

A Remote Key Fob can be used to set and unset your intruder system which can be worn around your neck or on a key ring. In addition, there is also button which can be programmed to inform our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of your requirements for Police and/or an Ambulance.